African Grey Parrot Lifespan, Price & Care


African grey parrots are renowned for their intelligence, eloquent mimicry, and endearing companionship. Natural habitat of the African grey parrot’s is the rainforest of West and Central Africa. Both in the rainforest and living room, these birds have won the heart of the parrot lovers by their striking beauty and parrot tricks. In this blog, we will cover the information of how long do African greys live, how much is an African grey parrot, their care needs as pets and their history. This post is for those who are looking for an African grey for sale or want to be an owner of these beautiful birds.

How Long Do African Greys Live

A Closer Look at the Grey’s Clock

An African grey parrot lifespan is the most remarkable in the avian world. In wild life, they can live up to between 40 and 60 years. But as a pet some individuals can live for a century. The secret of African grey parrot lifespan is their genetics. Moreover, it depends on the environment they are living in and their care. Proper living space, a healthy diet and regular physical activity can increase these bird’s lifespan.

Exponential Influencers of Grey’s Years

African grey parrot lifespan depends on some factors. Diet is the vital influencer of their lifespan. Their diet consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, and calcium supplements for strong bones. All of these ensure a healthy start. Their mental and physical health maintenance plays a role in their lifespan. Physical exercise, social interaction and toys keep them active. As a result, they remain both physically and mentally healthy. Toxic food like stick coatings and lead hamper their respiratory system.

Owner’s Manual for a Long Life

Owners also contribute to their lifespan by providing them with a safe and engaging environment. Regular check-ups from an avian vet plays an important role. Besides, for avoiding their loneliness, regular spending quality time keeps them mentally fit. It makes them stress-free. Lastly, a watchful eye, a loving heart, and an importance in care needs to help your grey parrot live long.

How Much is an African Grey Parrot

Placing a Tag on Grey’s Shoulder

The price of a grey bird is higher than some species. But when it starts providing entertainment, the price is nothing after it. The range of an African grey for sale price can be $1,000 to $3,500 anywhere.

Their cost depends on some factors. That are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Talking ability

However, with the purchasing cost they also need some extra cost for their care and maintenance.

Breeding the Price Gap

Some people consider buying parrots from breeders. The breeders provide detailed information about the parrot’s health, histories and lineage. But they offer a higher price. Adoption can be an option there. Adoption is more affordable and it is certainly a great act. Choose a responsible owner or breeder when looking for African grey for sale or adoption.

African Grey Parrot Care

Setting the Stage for Grey Comfort

Proving the parrots a suitable and safe living space is very important and the first part of care. A plenty of toys in their spacious cage is good for keeping them active. And regularly being out of the cage for physical exercise makes their wings free from stress. Also, it keeps them mentally stimulant. But a secure and fair free room is mandatory for this purpose.

Fueling the Grey with Optimal Nutrition

We have already discussed that a nutritious diet makes them healthy and gives a long lifespan. For their diet, pellets and fresh, organic fruits and vegetables is ideal. Foods containing fatty and sugar should be limited. Their living space should have easy access to water. Lastly, calcium and protein supplements are beneficial.

Meeting the Mingle Quota

As the birds are very intelligent and social, they need engagement through speech, play, and training. It helps them to prevent loneliness and boredom. Then you need to understand their body language when they seek solitude. Lastly, engage them in playing only when they are ready.

If you are interested in this species and looking for a talking African grey for sale, you can visit Talking Parrots Island. They are a responsible breeder of African greys. Also, trained all the birds and made them social with strangers. Moreover, all of their parrots can speak some words and phrases.


Owning an African Grey Parrot is a privilege and a profound responsibility. The commitment to their care is extensive, but the joys they bring are immeasurable. By understanding their lifespan, appreciating their cost, educating on care practices, and respecting their place in history, we honor these thoughtful creatures. Responsible ownership is the key to ensuring that the love for these parrots endures longer than their storied lives. It’s your turn to foster the next chapter in the legacy of African Grey Parrots — start it thoughtfully, and it will sing with the wisdom of ages.

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